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I saw buch of kiddos with their Spiderman or Frozen school bags, excited to go back to the warzones this morning. – To be honest, my school days were mostly fun — perks of being a little badass, rebel geek. – But, one thing is for sure — I’d never like to go back. I wanted to become a physics or cinematography professor, that’s the only lovable thing remained from that time. (+ my best childhood and high-school friend Maja.) – But why does the school year starts in September? Is it the food, farming, rich kids, summer vacations, politics or all of those thigs mixed up in an educational cocktail? (that is a good name for a drink, def) (Luffy avoided being in this pic, tho) 🧠 . . . . #backtoschool #larentree #funfacts #neuronenvogue

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