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Sometimes — it’s just NOT your day. Everything sucks *eternaly*. You can barely stand yourself, not to mention anyone else who live and breathe near you. Most of you this lack of good moments associate with hormones (especially if a person who’s not such a cheerio today is a woman) with hormones (wrong) and so called PMS (kinda wrong). During the last couple of days, I tried so hard to lift myself up with good music, exercise, The Emmies, new Beautiful Boy trailer, favorite food and looots of hugs and lovely conversations with Pedja. It helped. And it’s because of neurotransmitters, baby. . . . . . #popularscience #neurotransmitters #endorfin #dopamine #GABA #oxytocin #seratonine #happymolecules #neuronenvogue #brainfunfacts #funfacts

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