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Today, neuron en vogue marks its 10 days milestone in cruel instagram world. *Wubbba Lubba Dub Dub* Conffession time: on top of the exactly one “yeah, boi, i’m doing this shit fair and square” thought — were at least ten “sit down, bitch, this is goddamn useless” thoughts following my lizzard brain. But, some of you really gave me much needed thumbs up, tap on the brain and an oxytocin hug to do this. means a lot * And, I have a story for today about “useless” stuff. Take a look at this hot pink (#ea2a72 to be exact) bleiser. It is true second hand heaven catch, straight from my girl @makiau who has made a proffession outa passion and became an outstanding costume designer. We are enjoying fashionista items other people are not finding useful nor handy, anymore. – Your body’s kinda doing the same. One word: #Appendix. – It is on top of the infamous ones that are commonly heavily stigmatized in organ usefullness department. – Appendix — homo sapiens’ spare, pretty useless part, yes? — Well, no. Hell, no. Appendix happen to be a vital factor in wars on immunity enhancing, doing some important behind the scenes stuff since our day 0 on planet Earth. . . . . . #popularscience #popscience #funfacts #lifefacts #biology #neuronenvogue #appendix

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